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    Majlis Tautan Cinta Khalifah



    Alhamdulillah, on this day, with the Mercy of our Lord Ar-Rahman, the KMSS Family had the opportunity to gather – not to bid farewell – but to say, “We’ll see you again soon,” as our Academic Director prepared for his departure to Finland to pursue his studies.

    Ustaz Hasrizal left us with a crucial and timeless advise: To build great teamwork and form a great team, clear and honest communication is of key importance. A great team discusses their disputes over and seeks solution. This is the way forward.

    A million thanks to Ustaz Hasrizal for sparing us his precious minutes to spend some time with us before flying off.

    We ask from Allah that He eases Ustaz Hasrizal’s affairs and to safeguard, protect, and bless him and his family throughout their journey and endeavour.

    May Allah bless us and the KMSS Family. May Allah keep us steadfast in our mission, fi sabilillah.

    – See more at: http://web.kmss.edu.my/majlis-tautan-cinta-khalifah/#sthash.rJVork5n.dpuf

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