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    The Founder

    If you were to give to any individual or social group two things, A POSITIVE, ACURATE AND MOTIVATIONAL WORLD VIEW, plus a good understanding of the LAWS OF LEARNING by which all human characteristics are developed, then that individual or social group would move naturally and inevitably towards everything good and right.

    No one could have been more shocked than I when what had been intended to be the ultimate journey into secular materialistic science and philosophy took me first to the knowledge of the existence of God then to a realization that I could follow no other path in life but Islam

    Muhammad al-Mahdi Jenkins, Founder

    Vision & Mission

    Vision & Mission

    Students are actively shaped towards perceiving themselves as a Khalifah of Allah and to be proud of this role. They are constantly reminded of the three responsibilities of a khalifah:

    1. Choose to be good
    2. Help others become good
    3. Make the physical world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah

    All of these elements are embedded within the school programs, both academic and non-academic. The learning content and approach is designed in such a way that the students are required to practice high order thinking and to relate what they learn with these three life responsibilities.

    We want to send out from our Islamic schools students whose brilliant minds, kind manner, hard work, social rightness, and spiritual practice will enable them to succeed, even in today’s secular materialistic society, that they will be as beacons of human rightness respected and admired by all who meet them.

    Motto & Philosophy

    Motto : “Shaping Excellent Character”

    Philosophy : Khalifah Model School incorporates Learner-Centered, Progressivistic Classroom in its pedagogy.